YouTube Volume Booster Extension: Increase Audio Levels Beyond Maximum Limit Effortlessly


YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world, with billions of active users watching videos daily. However, sometimes the audio quality of a video may not be up to par, making it difficult to hear or enjoy. This is where a YouTube volume booster comes in handy. It is a tool or extension that can increase the volume of YouTube videos beyond its maximum level, allowing users to enjoy their favorite content without any audio-related issues. So, let’s have a detailed look at the youtube volume booster extension.

Best YouTube Sound Booster Extension for Windows 10/11

The best Youtube sound booster app for Windows is definitely the sound booster extension by Unscart. This software is free of cost and easy to use as well. It works with multiple platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Twitch, and as such. All you have to do is go to the unscart website and go to the extension page from there and download the software. From there it is incredibly easy to use as all you have to do is use the slider on the extension to control the volume from 0 to 400%. I mean, how good is that!?

  • Go to the Unscart Sound Booster page.
  • Click on the add to Chrome option and it will redirect you to the extensions page.
  • Download the extension and allow the permissions.
  • On the top right of your Chrome site, you can find a puzzle-shaped icon named extensions.
  • Click on it and select the Sound Booster app from the list.
  • Now manage the slider to control the volume.

Is YouTube Volume Booster App Compatible with Other Platforms?

The additional benefit of this app is that it is compatible with a variety of other platforms as well. It works with so many other platforms such as Prime video, Netflix, Twitch, and much more.  This makes it incredibly versatile and it comes in handy at various occasions, especially if you are watching with a group, such as your families or friends, you can use it to boost the volume to a much higher capacity.

Best Volume Booster apps for Windows & Mac

Let us look at some of the best Sound Booster apps for Android and iOS:

Super Volume Booster

A super high sound booster is the best free software that will help you raise the level of your Android phone by controlling this for all audio streams. By tapping a single key, you can easily turn up the volume on your phone to its highest level. The super high volume booster (super loud speaker pro) expander app is everything, a speaker + headphones volume enhancer, Equaliser, bass booster, and media player. It has unique features and a quicker processing. You can now raise the volume and speaker sound quality of your smartphone by 30% to 40% by using Super Speaker Volume Booster. It increases and enhances the loudness of your audio.

Volume Booster GOODEV

One of the best applications in our list, Volume Booster GOODEV, is a fully functional volume booster. With the option to increase volume even more through customizations, the app’s fixed boost knob lets you increase volume by around 60% to 70% by default. Like the Volume Booster app at its greatest level, the Volume Booster GOODEV app features an increase in boot function and an allowed boost level. The way the software is set up enables you to listen to the enhanced audio for free.

Speaker Booster

You may improve the quality of your speaker with the simple, cost-free app Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D. You may utilise it as an extra-high-volume audio system to enjoy louder audio and video conversations, games, and movies. It may also be used as a loud headphone amplifier. The speaker amplifier will be used to increase the music loudness on your phone as well as the audio quality of your speakers and headsets. It’s a fantastic music player and sound enhancement software that boosts your phone’s volume. Additionally, you may use it to raise the volume on a phone call so that you can hear well. Consider it a thrilling beginning for the Equalizer on your music player.

Volume Booster PRO

With the help of the Android software Volume Booster Pro, you can amp up the speaker volume on your device beyond what the built-in functionality allows. You can increase the speaker’s output volume if you connect your phone to a speaker using the headphone connection. No matter how you listen to the music, including with headphones, you will have a better experience with this app. The sound quality for playing games or viewing Netflix movies may be improved with this free program.

Precise Volume

A free equalizer/booster combo called Precise Volume is available on the Play Store and can assist you in making the improved audio output of your Android smartphone noticeable. You can have more control over the audio source using Precise Volume’s five-band equalization and free preset equalizer modes. Additionally, there is a boost feature that enables you to improve the audio’s overall average volume, add a noise-canceling effect, and boost the bass.

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