Sound Booster: Best Tool To Safely Increase Speaker Volume Up To 400%

The trusted Sound booster can increase volume levels up to 400% on all online audio and video media platforms, including YouTube, AmazonPrime, Disney+Hotstar, and YouTube. You can adjust the volume level using a handy slider bar. It is also 100% safe for your speakers.

Key Features of Sound Booster

The Volume Booster extension is a very useful extension for you if you consume most of the video content on your laptop and desktop PC. Here are some of the key features of Volume Booster:

Why To Use Sound Booster?

A sound booster extension can be used to increase the volume of your computer’s audio beyond its normal limits, which can be useful for listening to music, videos, or other media in noisy environments or when using speakers with low volume output.

YouTube Sound Booster

It also increases the volume of YouTube videos. You can adjust the volume of the audio even if the system volume has been set to maximum. This tool can be used to increase. audio levels up to 400% both on Windows and Mac.

Netflix Sound Enhancer

Netflix is one the most well- known OTT platforms and is popular that we spend anywhere from a few minutes to several hours watching. Low speaker volumes on your desktop or laptop computer can cause problems with Netflix.

Amazon Prime Sound Increaser

The Sound Booster works with all major media streaming platforms including Amazon Prime. This extension can also be used with Amazon Prime.

How To Use Sound Booster?

Here are the steps to download and use the audio booster extension:

Why Is Increasing the Sound on Laptops and Desktops Beneficial?

Improved audio quality: Enhanced sound levels can help make the audio from the computer louder and clearer, which can be helpful if the computer is being used in a noisy environment or if the speakers are not very powerful.

Ease of use: Increasing the audio levels can make it easier to hear the audio coming from the computer, which can be helpful if the user has difficulty hearing or if the audio is being played at a low volume.

Enhanced enjoyment of media: Boosting the volume levels can enhance your enjoyment of media, such as music or movies, by making the audio louder and more immersive.

Communication: Volume boosters can be helpful when using the computer for communication,such as during video calls or when using voice chat in online games. This can help the user hear the other person more clearly and make it easier to communicate.

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This app is very useful for classes or meetings when your friend or teacher or meeting partner isn't audible
Shrihaan Sahoo
I have been searching for a volume booster for a while now because my headphones are not that "Loud" and I have wanting to listen to music in high volume then I found this extension and it is working great! I really recommend it.
Tomer Suissa


A sound booster extension is a software tool that increases the volume and enhances the sound quality of your computer’s audio output. It works by amplifying the signal that’s sent to your speakers or headphones, allowing you to hear sounds more clearly and at higher volumes. 

Yes, it is generally safe to use a sound booster extension, as long as you download it from a reputable source and use it responsibly. However, it’s important to be careful not to turn up the volume too high, as this can damage your hearing or your speakers.

Yes, a sound booster extension can help to improve the sound quality of your computer’s audio by boosting the volume, enhancing the bass and treble, and reducing distortion and noise. 

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