How To Boost Headphone Volume

Ever experienced the constant need for more bass or volume in your music? We are sure every one of us must have experienced this pain at some point in life. There must have been a time in which you were watching a video and vibing with it, but wished the music was much louder. This is where an app such as Sound Booster comes in.  To improve volume levels by up to 400% on all online audio and video multimedia platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and Disney+Hotstar, get the dependable and trustworthy sound booster. It is completely safe and secure for your speaker and lets you control audio volumes with a straightforward and useful slider bar. Let us look at why this extension is one of the best extensions on the market and how one can install it and use it with simple steps. So, let’s have a detailed look at how to boost headphone volume.

Step-by-Step Guide to Boost Headphone Volume

  • Go to the Sound Booster website website
  • On the middle of the home page, you can see a link named “add to chrome”
  • Click on the link and it will lead you to the Chrome extension download page
  • Click on “Add to Chrome”
  • You will receive a pop-up stating “add extension” or “cancel”
  • Click on “add extension”, the “manage” option is if you need to make certain changes or change the settings of the extension
  • The extension has been installed successfully
  • Now go on any streaming or OTT platform such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, or even any video platform such as Youtube and watch a video
  • While watching the video, click on the puzzle-shaped icon on the top right of the Chrome web page. The icon is named an “extension”
  • You will receive a drop-down list in which you can scroll down to click on the Sound Booster extension
  • A tab will open up with a slider controller
  • Adjust the slider from 0% to 400% according to your requirements and you are ready to watch videos or listen to music at the volume you require it at

How does it Enhance the Video Streaming Experience?

The Sound Booster gives you an enhanced video streaming experience owing to the fact that the Chrome extension for Sound Booster lets you adjust the volume on any online audio and video multimedia platforms. A straightforward and useful slider bar lets you control the audio volumes. It also has a variety of features such as 

  • Volume booster for sound control
  • Sound enhancer for Chrome without hassle
  • Windows 10 sound enhancer
  • Free YouTube volume enhancer
  • Easily use the slider to increase the volume without any hassle
  • Online audio enhancer with just one click

All these features are sure to make your video-watching experience a more immersive and exciting one. The feature also comes in handy during parties and get-togethers. If the volume of the music from the speaker is not sufficient enough, you can always use the extension to increase it to a whopping 400%. With such versatile options in which you can use the extension, it is sure to make your video streaming experience a much more enhanced one without a doubt.


1. What is a volume booster extension?

It is an extension that allows us to increase the volume of laptops or Pc by 400%.

2. Is it safe to use a volume booster extension?

This sound booster is completely safe for speakers as it uses 100% safe sound injection technique.

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